Convince Your Boss (or anyone!) on Content Marketing

Having done it an umpteenth number of times, we know that describing how content marketing works can sound vague and hazy. Because unlike traditional ads where the mechanism is simple and instant, content marketing involves many sub-steps, routes, and methods executed at a much longer time span.

It may not be a click-and-convert operation but content marketing’s enormous ROI is obvious when you simply look at the results.

Whether it’s your boss or someone you met at a dinner party, here’s an infographic to convince anyone of the irrefutable benefits of content marketing. It includes a collection of the most recent industry data that really brings home what Seth Godin once famously said: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”


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Social Media Manager / Content Coach

Toronto, ON – 


We’re looking for a talented social media manager to handle our online presence on social networks. On top of spending too many hours on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, the ideal candidate will help our customer success team to… make our customers successful. If you know what content marketing is, and would be interested in working with top-notch companies to set up their content strategy, you should drop us a line! If you don’t know what content marketing means, you should download the Bible :-)


  • Expand Pressly’s social presence on selected networks
  • Engage with the community and help establish Pressly as a thought leader in the content marketing space
  • Curate content for Pressly hubs
  • Work with early stage customers to help them define and implement the right content strategy for their business


  • Proven experience in writing, copywriting, and storytelling
  • Demonstrated mastery of content development and social media management
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills – both spoken and written
  • Enjoy working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • [Bonus points] for HTML, CSS, graphic design skills
  • [Bonus x2] for extremely awesome ping-pong skills

More about Pressly

Content marketing is hard, tedious, and time-consuming.

Pressly is a smart online platform that helps you aggregate the right content for your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

We empower brands to efficiently hand-pick the content your customers are looking for, maximize your audience’s engagement, and convert visitors to buyers more reliably.

Get Your Brand Noticed: No More ‘Where’s Waldo’ At Tradeshows

If you’re like most companies, you attend tradeshows and conventions each year to showcase your products, network with industry peers, expand your brand footprint and, ultimately, increase revenue.

But, getting noticed can feel a lot like this:

Can you spot Waldo at this tradeshow?

If you found him, how long did it take?  If you didn’t, I bet you don’t want to spend another second looking for him, am I right?

Now, imagine Waldo represents your brand.

Breaking through the noise of our content-centric world is becoming increasingly difficult.  It can be exhausting to stay ahead of your content marketing goals, and your competition.  And once you’ve fallen behind, it becomes overwhelming.

Producing enough quality content for your audience is a painstaking process, eating up your time, money, effort and sanity.  Then – there’s testing, quantifying and honing your strategy to make sure your content’s maximizing brand impact, increasing lead generation and producing engaged conversions.

How do we start working smarter, and not harder?

The answer may not be as obscure as you think – leveraging 3rd party content is a trend quickly becoming the mainstay of content marketing.

For example, DocuSign rose above the chatter at Dreamforce 2014 by curating the topics, trends and people surrounding the event to help surface their own content.

Wouldn’t this be nice?



Docusign generated thousands of unique page views, engaged with their audience, increased lead generation efforts and garnered endorsements from major thought leaders.

Whether it’s Dreamforce, CES, Adobe Summit, Microsoft Convergence or a Where’s Waldo Convention, creating customer-centric content destinations is becoming the rule, instead of the exception.

Is your company executing its content marketing initiatives cheaper, faster and simpler?

If you’d like to learn how this is possible, please feel free to reach out.  Thanks!

To your continued content success,

Mike Schaus
Pressly Inside Sales Representative