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The Art and Science of Good Story Telling

Telling a good story can be a powerful thing. Most of us remember being read to as a child, that warm feeling of listening to our parents tell us about magic, imagined worlds. A great film or novel can stick with you for days, and often a lifetime. In business, good stories can land you [...]

Want to be creative? Grab a beer

man at typewriter with beer
“Write drunk; edit sober,” Ernest Hemingway Recently, there was a great discussion over at Medium, by Michael Cho, about the creative benefits of being a little blotto before you sit down to do creative work. The secret? Alcohol lowers inhibitions, and allows you to connect the dots more freely between disparate ideas. Which is, essentially, [...]
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“When it comes to making decisions, it’s clear that our brains are flawed instruments,” Chip and Dan Heath I’m a pros and cons kind of guy. When I’ve got a difficult decision to make, I pull out a sheet of paper, sketch a line down the center, and start marking down the obvious benefits and [...]

How Being Creative is Like Going to the Gym

lego guy lifting bar bell
“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”  — Sommerset Maugham Creativity is one of the most sought-after skills in business and in life. And as we know from mountains of anecdotal, and psychological evidence, creativity is not a random “god given” gift, reserved for only the select few. [...]
Email marketing on mobile is an increasing concern for marketers, with some industries seeing over 65% of their email campaigns being opened from a tablet or smartphone. However, there is still a large portion marketers that are doing nothing about optimizing their emails for the small screen. Not only is this causing readers to suffer [...]
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Fellow Bostonians! We are in your beautiful city for BrightcovePlay 2013, between May 13 and May 15. If you are attending the event, come say hello! We would love to meet up with anyone interested in learning more about transforming your content for mobile, and improving your mobile content engagement and returns. A Pressly Guide [...]
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In this Mobile Makeover series, we’ve written a lot about how brands and marketers can improve their content marketing results on mobile, simply by making it more engaging with a tool like Pressly. But the exact same thing can be said for traditional publishers of all sizes, whether you are a major daily, or a [...]

Thoughts on Flash: 3 Years Later

Three years ago today, Steve Jobs published a controversial letter called “Thoughts on Flash.” In it, he put an end to years of speculation and debate as to why Apple wouldn’t let Flash on its mobile devices. He gave six reasons, but in general it was all about openness, performance and not being at the [...]
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  Lee Odden is an SEO master. He’s the author of best selling SEO and marketing books, like this one. As the CEO of TopRank, he runs a successful boutique agency that’s been around since 2001. But most people know him better for his blog, The TopRank Online Marketing blog, which was once hailed as [...]

Content Marketing Mobile Makeover: Converse

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  Spring has sprung, the snow is melting, and that means people everywhere are putting away the boots, and lacing up their old, beat-up Chuck Taylors. Which is why it’s perfect timing for our first ever Mobile Makeover for great content marketing brands, as we pay homage to the great sneaker company, Converse. Today we [...]
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