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In this Mobile Makeover series, we’ve written a lot about how brands and marketers can improve their content marketing results on mobile, simply by making it more engaging with a tool like Pressly. But the exact same thing can be said for traditional publishers of all sizes, whether you are a major daily, or a [...]

Thoughts on Flash: 3 Years Later

Three years ago today, Steve Jobs published a controversial letter called “Thoughts on Flash.” In it, he put an end to years of speculation and debate as to why Apple wouldn’t let Flash on its mobile devices. He gave six reasons, but in general it was all about openness, performance and not being at the [...]
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  Lee Odden is an SEO master. He’s the author of best selling SEO and marketing books, like this one. As the CEO of TopRank, he runs a successful boutique agency that’s been around since 2001. But most people know him better for his blog, The TopRank Online Marketing blog, which was once hailed as [...]

Content Marketing Mobile Makeover: Converse

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  Spring has sprung, the snow is melting, and that means people everywhere are putting away the boots, and lacing up their old, beat-up Chuck Taylors. Which is why it’s perfect timing for our first ever Mobile Makeover for great content marketing brands, as we pay homage to the great sneaker company, Converse. Today we [...]
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  Content marketing expert Joe Chernov released a useful infographic in January, revealing just how long it takes to create a mobile app. The post was fittingly called: “How long does it take to build a mobile app?” And the answer was 18 weeks. In that same amount of time, you could send 40 Apollo [...]
crowds of people at unveiling of the pope eight years apart. 2005 shows tons of onlookers with no smartphones held up. 2013 shows same size crowd, jam packed with glowing rectangle screens
The image above, originally produced by NBC, was posted on our Twitter feed this week by a good friend. It shows two crowds, both gathered for the exact same event (the unveiling of a new pope), at the exact same location, eight years apart. I’ve never seen a more powerful illustration of just how far [...]

Responsive web design vs mobile web apps

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By now most publishers have hopefully started to think about the mobile web. They’ve seen their Google Analytics reports, and noticed an ever-growing portion of their online traffic is coming from mobile devices – and those mobile users need something better than an ad telling them to go download a native app. But the jury is still out [...]
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Back towards the end of 2012, Craig Mod published a manifesto on the need to move away from traditional notions of the digital magazine:   “I propose Subcompact Publishing tools and editorial ethos begin (but not end) with the following qualities: • Small issue sizes (3-7 articles / issue) • Small file sizes • Digital-aware subscription prices • Fluid publishing [...]

The flaws of responsive design: user context

David Carson art, saying "Don't mistake legibility for communication." Really groovy text art.
Responsive design is a great solution for content publishers but can be very limiting in a number of ways. For the first post in a new series, we’re taking a look at how responsive design overlooks User Context. Sign up for automatic blog updates to follow the series. On the surface, responsive design seems to be a [...]

Zuckerberg was wrong: 3 reasons you should use HTML5

A while ago, Mark Zuckerberg said something about HTML5 that got a lot of people talking. He said it’s just not ready. In particular he was talking about using it for mobile apps – and he was explaining why Facebook was making the switch to native for its iPhone app. Naturally, a lot of our clients [...]
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