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5 Content Marketing KPI to Keep Your Eyes On

Five Content Marketing Tips
How do you know whether your content marketing is working or not? According to a whitepaper by Rebecca Lieb of Altimeter, measuring content marketing success is often described by marketers as “all over the board.” From the perspectives of enterprises, coming up clear metrics is subjective because of the broad range of stakeholders, including marketing, [...]

The Rise of Microproperties

Vice Creators Project
Microproperties are a valuable content marketing tool for brand and publishers of all sizes. Although microproperties have been around for many years, the massive increase in the creation and consumption of content has lead to a influx in the number of microprerties being launched by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to media companies to startups. [...]
Blurring Lines Between Journalism and Content Marketing
According to The Guardian, 86% of viewer skip TV ads. Mashable tells us 44% of direct mail is never opened. Companies have adapted to the decrease in advertising interest and scarcity of consumer attention, and instead are starting to refocus on new methods of customer acquisition.  There are three aspects to this shift: embedding the [...]
Shoplocket Thalmic Labs
How can you bring thousands of readers to your blog and convert them into customers? Here’s how one entrepreneur, without any prior content marketing experience, did it. Katherine Hague is the CEO and co-founder of eCommerce platform ShopLocket. In early June, Hague launched a new content marketing strategy to replace ShopLocket’s earlier blog initiative. The [...]
Crafting Better Content
“If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead,” said media scholar and University of Southern California provost professor Henry Jenkins. A prerequisite to creating content that actually spreads, and helps you achieve your goals, is to create something that people actually want to read. Simple enough, right? Good content isn’t easy to create. By good content, I [...]

The Golden Age of Mobile Publishing is Here

The year is 1920 and a group of reporters at a small, virtually unknown Detroit radio station are about to make history. They’re about to conduct the world’s first ever newscast – reporting live results from the primary elections. As the station would later describe, the event would turn out to be prophetic, a sign [...]

Don’t wait. Just Begin: The Key to Creativity

“One of the most difficult things is the first paragraph. I have spent many months on a first paragraph, and once I get it, the rest just comes out very easily.”
(Gabriel Garcia Marquez) The hardest part of writing this blog post is writing this sentence – this one right here, the one you are reading [...]
Smartphone traffic is at an all time high, and this comes with both challenges and opportunities for media companies and marketers with heavy web traffic. As part of Google’s efforts to improve the mobile web, the search giant recently came out with some useful recommendations to avoid some serious, experience-hindering mistakes which web masters often make. [...]

Marketers Have Found a Way To Use Vine

We’re always on the lookout for new trends in mobile marketing, and one of the latest examples of this is with Vine, the popular video sharing app. Back in May, we had a guest post at the Content Marketing Institute, which described how Vine had broken Hollywood history with the first ever six-second movie trailer [...]
We’ve been hard at work since launching in March to make Pressly an even more powerful way for you to create and publish the world’s most immersive mobile reading experiences. With an updated interface, an incredible analytics widget, improved social sharing and even a seamless desktop reading mode, Pressly is proud to unveil our latest [...]
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