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We aren’t in Kansas anymore. Any marketer worth their salt knows that attracting and building relationships with customers requires a different approach than what we’ve done in the past. It can feel overwhelming to synthesize all the advice, tools and strategies and figure out how to implement them for a brand. Spin Sucks, a new [...]

10 Storytelling Lessons from Google Creative Lab

If you’ve been exposed to Google Creative Lab’s powerful stories, you probably won’t be forgetting them anytime soon. One of their more recent ones, entitled “Reunion”, is so powerful that it brings viewers to tears. Google does more than simply push emotional buttons, though; their stories are not only moving, but also inform viewers about [...]

3 Techniques to Make your Content more Shareable

The majority of content does not get the reach it deserves. How is it possible for young media companies like Buzzfeed and Upworthy to regularly serve up millions of pageviews per month? Content marketers can learn a thing or two from these companies to make their content more shareable. Legendary advertising pioneer Claude C. Hopkins [...]
As content marketing becomes a more popular method of customer acquisition, it also grows increasingly competitive. Increasing content marketing budgets also means increasing expectations of ROI. Effective content marketing requires constant vigilance: keeping a consistent eye on storytellers around the world, and how the best are doing it. These exciting experiments can be carried out [...]
Ocean's 11
Few teams, fictional and non-fictional, have collaborated as well as the team from Ocean’s 11. For those unfamiliar, the film’s plot starts with the protagonist, Danny Ocean, and his friend Rusty Ryan finding and recruiting nine teammates. Their goal is to pull a heist on one of Las Vegas’ most well-protected casinos. While the film [...]

How to Scale Content Production: Repurposing 101

Turkey Dinner
It’s an hour after Thanksgiving dinner. Drowsiness is settling in, conversation is still flowing, and there remains half a turkey in all its glory on the serving plate. After putting hours into its preparation, would you make the decision to throw the turkey out? Heck, no! Half the Thanksgiving fun is the subsequent turkey spinoffs: [...]
Increased Optimization
Many enterprises are using content marketing as a primary tactic for lead generation but they fail to take advantage of of optimizing their website experience to improve results. Here are the case studies of how five major lead generation campaigns generated significant results through optimization: 1. Implementing a Mega-sized Image (Dell): When Dell wanted to [...]

5 Style Guides to Help You Craft Better Content

Economist Style Guide
Creating content for a brand, enterprise or publication isn’t easy. What should the voice be? What are the right rules to follow? How should the content be structured? A style guide is a set of standards that describes the style and formatting of content so that it is consistent across an organization. Style guides can [...]

The New Army of Two: the CMO and CIO

According to this IBM survey, 70% of CMOs felt unready to handle the explosion of big data. Marketing is no longer just about the traditional tasks of generating creative and public relations. Instead, today’s CMO is very involved with data-centric marketing activities. CMOs use information and data to stay competitive and understand their customers more [...]
GE Adobe SAP
SAP’s SVP of Marketing also serves as the company’s Chief Storyteller. This is just one of the many pieces of evidence indicating how crucial storytelling is to marketing and brand equity for large enterprises. We all love stories. We are raised with stories from a young age, and many of these narratives become the pillars [...]
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