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On first blush, The New York Times and Buzzfeed couldn’t be any less similar. One is a flagship of  ethical and investigative journalism, almost synonymous with the notion of journalistic authority itself. The other will give you 19 amazing cat pictures you can’t believe aren’t photoshopped. But look closer and you’ll see both media giants [...]

9 Incredible Internet of Things Gizmos

The Internet of Things is going to change the way marketers, businesses and people interact with the world. With the rate of things being connected to the internet increasing at an exponential rate, these changes are coming sooner than you might imagine. Here’s a round up of what we think are some of the coolest, [...]

Not another Content Curation list

Or: A Day in the Life of a Content Curator   The idea for this post started out as a list for all the great content tools out there to help you find the stuff that you – a content curator – should be curating. It started that way. But in a matter of minutes, I’d [...]
Content curation might be all the rage – but if you’re a marketer trying to break into the practice, where do you begin? We’ve assembled these keystone content pieces that provide a valuable starting point for anyone hoping to get started as a content curator, or simply wishes to know more. 1. Manifesto For The [...]

Why Content Curation is the New Black

As content marketing is embraced by more brands, there’s growing discussion about the merits of content curation. On one hand, there are curation advocates who believe brands can deliver relevant and value-added content from other sources. Not only does curation engage target audiences but, as important, it can be a cost-efficient way to drive content [...]
Curating content has become the hottest thing within content marketing as brands look for new and different ways to engage target audiences. But curating content isn’t simply about sharing content because it’s easy to spread the word. To deliver value when curating content, you need a focus and a plan. There needs to be a [...]
There’s a growing amount of buzz around content curation as brands looking for ways to connect with target audiences. A key part of the content curation is establishing thought leadership. And when you think about it, Cliff Clavin was the master of content curation. Clavin, a deliveryman for the U.S. Post Office, would happily provide [...]

The End of the Static (Boring) Website

It’s easy to dismiss Websites as the workhorses of the Web. They’re no longer sexy but Websites play important roles to educate, engage and entertain target audiences. Like anything, however, the Website is evolving to accomodate how people want to consume information. One of the most interesting trends is the rise of the dynamic Website [...]
In a recent post on Medium, Gary Vaynerchuk offered this advice to small and medium-size businesses looking to drive their marketing: “You get on Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest, and Medium, and YouTube, and start cranking out content on everything that matters to your community.” This advice has everything to do with the excitement about [...]
As Pressly gains more traction as a place for brands to create engaging destination featuring content they create, curate or get from social media, we’re excited about a new tool that makes the platform even easier to use. The Pressly bookmarklet will let Pressly users add content to a hub whenever they see an interesting [...]
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