5 Great Articles to Get Started as a Content Curator

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Five resources for content curators getting started.
Five resources for content curators getting started.

Content curation might be all the rage – but if you’re a marketer trying to break into the practice, where do you begin?

We’ve assembled these keystone content pieces that provide a valuable starting point for anyone hoping to get started as a content curator, or simply wishes to know more.

1. Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future ?

Way back in 2009, Rohit Bhargava from the Influential Marketing Blog put his stamp on the Content Curator job title in this seminal manifesto. At the time, the idea was such a novelty that he offered up a free book to anyone who had it has their official role on their business card. Something tells me that today he’d be giving away a lot more books.

A great starting point to see how the need for curation has evolved over time – and what curators are really supposed to be doing, and what their deeper purpose is.

The detached analysis of an algorithm will no longer be enough to find what we are looking for. To satisfy the people’s hunger for great content on any topic imaginable, there will need to be a new category of individual working online.

Read now: http://www.rohitbhargava.com/2009/09/manifesto-for-the-content-curator-the-next-big-social-media-job-of-the-future.html

2. Hubspot’s 11 Best Practices for Content Curation

Hubspot has owned the conversation around content marketing since forever. I remember when I first discovered them, I thought they were just a publisher specializing in content and branded journalism – that’s how good their marketing advice was. Which is why it’s no surprise these guys also rule at content curation.

Curation and content marketing go hand in hand. So take note of these 11 tips from Hubspot, as you start your career as a content curator.

Stay reasonably focused on a small handful of themes, but make sure the body of work reflects the human element as well.

Read now: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-practices-effective-content-curation


3.  The 5 Models Of Content Curation

Two years after his manifesto, Rohit at IMB gave us this gem which details the variety of ways and different strategies for curating great content.

It’s not simply enough to re-share intriguing posts. Follow these five helpful models to discover fresh and powerful ways to curate, and you’ll be guaranteed success as a content curator.

Over time, the idea of content curation has felt like more and more of a catchphrase that is really encompassing many smaller activities that are adding structure and insight to the cacophony of information being published online. What if we could define not just content curation as a macro activity, but look at how curation might be applied in very specific situations?

Read now: http://www.rohitbhargava.com/2011/03/the-5-models-of-content-curation.html


4. 12 Attributes of a Successful Content Curation Strategy

Heidi Cohen over at the Actionable Marketing Guide has put together this well thought out list to help keep content curators on track and focused on success.

One of the key takeaways from this list is that content curation is all about separting the wheat from the chaff. You don’t want to overload your audience with too much content, and the stuff you do share better be damn good.

Content curation presents quality information, not pages of stuff. Skip the fluff and get to the essence of what your readers want and need.

Read now: http://heidicohen.com/12-attributes-of-a-content-curation-strategy/


5. 14 Things About Content Curation

There’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of a new skill than getting it directly from the pros.

In this highly distilled, useful list, Robert Caruso (CEO of BundlePost and content marketer extraordinaire) relays his 14 quinessential lessons he’s picked up after years of curating. Here’s just a taste:

8) Developing a specific curation strategy is an important part of an overall social media strategy.

9) People are not logged in watching their streams all day, every day. Having enough relevant posts all day long is important.

Hop over to Robert’s blog to see the rest.

Read now: http://bundlepost.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/14-things-ive-learned-about-content-curation-in-social-media/

Did we leave any big ones off the list? Leave a comment below to let us know, and we’ll include the responses in a future content curation round up.



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