The End of the Static (Boring) Website

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It’s easy to dismiss Websites as the workhorses of the Web.

They’re no longer sexy but Websites play important roles to educate, engage and entertain target audiences.

websitesLike anything, however, the Website is evolving to accomodate how people want to consume information.

One of the most interesting trends is the rise of the dynamic Website that displays relevant, fresh and updated content. This stands in stark contrast to most corporate Websites, which are static and, frankly, boring.

For businesses, dynamic Websites are a huge challenge and opportunity.

It means businesses need to constantly nurture and update their Websites rather than giving them some TLC once every few years – usually a fresh coat of paint.

As customers want Websites to be engaging and information, companies need to change how their Websites behave and the content being displayed.

It’s no longer good enough to have a nice design and strong messaging. A Website now needs to have current and relevant content to resonate with visitors.

At a time when there are more marketing options than ever, a new and improved Website is just another thing that a company has to focus on.

So where is the dynamic Website going?

At the extreme, you have Coca-Cola, which overhauled its corporate Website to become more of a storytelling platform. It’s a dramatic departure from the staid approach used by most companies, but it does illustrate different, if not radical, approaches.

So what should companies do to keep their Websites current?

Perhaps the easiest answer is making sure your home page is updated on a regular basis – weekly, for example? This tells target audiences that you’re not trying to live with a one size fits all for a long time approach.

Second, companies should explore different technology options that can inject new content into their Websites. Ideally, this technology can leverage a company’s social media and/or content marketing efforts to automate the process.

At the end of the day, companies need to be more engaged and connected than ever before. Anything they do from a marketing and sales perspective has to reflect current needs and interests. The problem is markets move faster than ever so staying current is a huge challenge.

Anyone who dismisses the Website as an anachronism is probably being overly dramatic because they do serve key marketing and sales roles. But, at the same time, Websites can no longer be static entities. In this day and age, change is not only good but necessary.

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