The Best Stock Photo Sources for Marketers With Small Budgets

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We all know the power of visual storytelling – content that contains visuals is more likely to be opened and viewed than content without visuals. As a marketer I’ve been using more visuals over the last 2-3 years in everything from blog posts to SlideShare presentations to my Pressly cover pages.

Once in a while I will purchase photos but unfortunately, I don’t have a huge budget to do this every time I need a visual. While Flickr is still the gold standard for free photos (requiring attribution), it isn’t the only option. Dustin Senos, a product designer at Medium, put together a great list of stock photo sites and I added some others to create a handy resource for marketers who don’t have big budgets.

Little Visuals
Death to the Stock Photo
New Old Stock
Superfamous (requires attribution)
The Pattern Library
IM Free (requires attribution)
Photo Everywhere

I’ll update this list as I find others. If you have any favourites to add please share in the comments.

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