Getting Started with Your Pressly Hub

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So you’ve signed up and created a Pressly hub and linked your social network accounts to pull in content from those streams. Now what? Here are a few simple tips to help you create an interesting Pressly hub experience for your audience.

1. Create collections inside your hub

A Pressly collection is a grouping of content inside your hub, like a chapter in a book. If you have created a hub to promote content for your meal prep app for example, you could have collections that relate to different types of cuisines – one for Italian, one for Thai – or collections around meal types – Meals for Two, Meals for Busy Parents, Slow Cooker Meals. Collections help break up a broad area of expertise into more focused themes that allow audiences to explore the topics they are interested in.

2. Curate third party content alongside your branded content

Let’s say you are the marketing manager at Audi. Your hub should definitely pull in your own blogs, Instagram accounts and YouTube videos. But it can be tough to create enough original content to keep  your hub fresh. A simple way to make your Hub more interesting to your audience is to add in content from 3rd party sources.

Related hashtags

You can build an entire collection around a related hashtag, for example #wantanR8. Not only are you adding more real-time content into your hub, but you are also giving people who use that hashtag a reason to come to your hub and check out others who share the same interest.

Not sure how to find hashtags for your industry? Try searching for keywords using a tool like Twubs for Twitter or for Instagram to find related hashtags.

Tweets from customers and influencers

People love hearing from others just like them. Try adding in Tweets from your customers or Instagram photos from influential people in your industry.

Articles from popular blogs

Adding in content from other sources such as industry blogs is a signal to your audience that you are a one-stop destination for the best content on that subject. Websites like Alltop are great for finding blogs by category. Even a simple Google search for “Top [your category] Bloggers” will turn up names of key bloggers in your field.

3. Add your logo and corporate colours

We built Pressly to be easy to customize, even if you are not a designer. Start with the basics like adding your logo and using your corporate colours for the menu and links. To get started, simple select the Design option from the menu in the right hand corner of your dashboard.

Customize your Pressly hub

We have a host of additional premium features such as Calls to Action, Ads, Embeds and integration with marketing automation platforms for companies looking for additional business benefits from their Pressly hubs.

If you need any more tips on getting your hub looking great, please reach out to us or call us at 416-840-4384.

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