Changes in Google Ranking for Smartphone Web Traffic

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google-now-galaxy-s4Smartphone traffic is at an all time high, and this comes with both challenges and opportunities for media companies and marketers with heavy web traffic.

As part of Google’s efforts to improve the mobile web, the search giant recently came out with some useful recommendations to avoid some serious, experience-hindering mistakes which web masters often make. The information they’ve circulated is a bit technical, but extremely useful in making sure you are treating your web visitors to the best possible reading experience.

In a recent post, they also outlined the two most common mistakes and how to fix them. The first is faulty redirects, and that’s when you send users looking for a certain desktop page, to an unrelated mobile-optimized page (for example, they are looking for your about page on an iPhone, and you send them to the mobile homepage instead). The second major mistake is smartphone-only errors, which is when you show an error page to someone just because they are on a mobile device, though the page actually exists. Google implores that it’s always better to show them a non-optimized page, if you don’t have one, than to send them to an error page.

As the mobile revolution continues to grow, knowing these trick and best practices from Google will be crucial in ensuring your web traffic is as strong as possible. Take a look at the full article, here. 

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