Marketers Have Found a Way To Use Vine

Wolverine-VineWe’re always on the lookout for new trends in mobile marketing, and one of the latest examples of this is with Vine, the popular video sharing app. Back in May, we had a guest post at the Content Marketing Institute, which described how Vine had broken Hollywood history with the first ever six-second movie trailer for The Wolverine.

Now it seems mini-movie trailers on Vine are a full-blow trend, according to AdWeek.

“The limitations of six seconds can actually lift the storytelling,” explained Gabrielle Kessler, accounts manager for Something Massive, which manages social media for Regal. “You get to home in on those emotionally engaging moments that both marketers and filmmakers are after,” she said. “We are really encouraged with the engagement the app is producing so far.”

Want to see how marketers are using Vine? See the full article here.

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