Email Marketing on Mobile: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Email marketing on mobile is an increasing concern for marketers, with some industries seeing over 65% of their email campaigns being opened from a tablet or smartphone.

However, there is still a large portion marketers that are doing nothing about optimizing their emails for the small screen. Not only is this causing readers to suffer from a poor reading experience, but this can have significant impacts on a marketer’s key metrics, such as conversion, sales and lead generation.

One reason for this inertia is that mobile is still a blooming trend and not everyone has had time to prepare for it adequately. Which is why Pressly put together a free ebook to help marketers navigate this new world. 10 Things You Know About Mobile Email Marketing is available for instant download, and it gives you best practices and insight into some surprising facts about mobile email, such as:

  • More people use their smartphone for email than for phoning people
  • The three most common complaints for mobile email
  • The secret to better lead conversion on mobile email campaigns

And so much more!

Get your free guide today and get started on the path to improving your mobile email strategy.




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