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Content Marketing Mobile Makeover: TopRank Online Marketing Blog

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 Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.49.45 PM

Lee Odden is an SEO master. He’s the author of best selling SEO and marketing books, like this one. As the CEO of TopRank, he runs a successful boutique agency that’s been around since 2001. But most people know him better for his blog, The TopRank Online Marketing blog, which was once hailed as the #1 content marketing blog.

When you Google  “online marketing blog”,  TopRank is the top ranked online marketing blog  (at least it was when I searched for it today).

But Lee’s got a problem. In fact he’s got thousands and thousands of problems: mobile website visitors.

The reading experience he’s delivering to those thousands of mobile users makes it difficult for them to consume the content. As you can see in the screen grabs below, when visited from a smartphone or tablet, TopRank is nearly impossible to read and navigate (especially from iPhone). All the content is there, but the user is forced to clumsily zoom in and out just to read something.

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81% of mobile Google searchers want it quick and easy

Ranking first isn’t always enough. We all know once you get them in the door, they’ve actually got to stick around and read the stuff, buy the book, sign up for the newsletter, and so on. We aren’t doing this all for the art of it after all: content is business.

And particularly with mobile search, giving your visitors an easy, convenient experience is more than just a nice to have. This Google research report suggests 81% of all mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience. You need to make the reward of the search easy and fast – or you’ve failed to deliver what the reader is looking for.

Big screen content doesn’t work that well on mobile. There is no click and scroll. There is far less real estate. This can have serious consequences for marketers hoping to convert as much of their traffic as possible: a poor looking experience, over-the-top bounce rates, and reduced engagement metrics (like pageviews and timespent).

We don’t have access to TopRank’s analytics dashboard, but we imagine the engagement and conversion metrics for its mobile visitors, like pageviews, timespent, and bounce, are far below the optimal rates of their desktop counterparts. Which is a serious issue as mobile traffic continues to blow up.

Pressly keeps your mobile SEO effective

That’s where Pressly comes in.

This week we gave TopRank a mobile makeover. On top of the basic blog feed, we supplemented the mobile experience with Facebook and Youtube content to give his readers something special to keep them around even longer. And we did it all quickly and easily, in a matter of minutes with no coding needed. Getting this kind of professional mobile experience doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, doesn’t take months of planning, and you don’t have to re-build your entire site with responsive design to do it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.40.25 PM

(As per usual, we will point out that we didn’t have full access to Lee’s content and that this is all simply give you an idea of the possibilities. Should Lee decide to use Pressly — wink — he’d have the power to bring in full, rich feeds of his own content and integrate his own custom calls to actions, such as full page newsletter signups.)

Results: 10x engagement and improved bounce rate

Getting a better mobile experience, doesn’t just make sense. It actually helps bring you better results. From a study we conducted on over 30 million mobile visits in early 2013, we discovered Pressly’s immersive reading experience can lead to up 10 times more pageviews, nearly 5 times longer visits, and a reduction of bounce rate by a factor of 10.

Because it’s all delivered right from the web,  like a website instead of a native app, all that top ranking SEO Lee’s built up still drives traffic to this new reading experience, out of the box. So now, when a visitor Googles “online marketing blog” on her iPad, and when she taps on Lee’s site, she would automatically be delivered that immersive, Pressly experience and stick around to read it!

It’s magic. And it can have a huge impact on marketers’ bottom lines as the mobile era continues to bloom.

See it action! Grab your mobile device, then head over to

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Want to build your own in a few minutes? Start here, for free:



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