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Content Marketing Mobile Makeover: Converse

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converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-well-worn-collection-1-1024x682Spring has sprung, the snow is melting, and that means people everywhere are putting away the boots, and lacing up their old, beat-up Chuck Taylors.

Which is why it’s perfect timing for our first ever Mobile Makeover for great content marketing brands, as we pay homage to the great sneaker company, Converse. Today we are giving Converse’s blog and social content a mobile re-do, which we hope will give their readers a more enjoyable, engaging mobile reading experience.

When most people think of Converse, they think of Chuck Taylors, those iconic, floppy canvas lace-ups. Once the dominating sneaker for elite basketball players in the 1920s, these days the shoe has etched out its brand as one for the young and alternative. But that’s not to say they’re in a niche. More than half of Americans have owned at least one pair in their life.

Great Content Marketers

The people behind the shoe  just so happen to be incredible content marketers – perfectly tailoring their content to be valuable and interesting to their young and “alt” demographic.

They have one of the Top 50 Facebook Pages in the world, with a constant onslaught of pics, video and contests to keep the conversation flowing with their over 30 million fans.

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They’ve built incredible content sites, like this one. It’s dirty and gritty, just like the shoes (and often the rockers wearing them).

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And whether its Youtube or their various Pinterest accounts,  they’re nailing high-quality, highly-visual modes of story telling to keep it interesting. These guys run a tight content marketing ship. And we applaud them.

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But what about mobile?

We noticed much of their blog and social content was difficult to explore and dig into when you are on a mobile device.

Just take a look at this screen grab of their blog when seen on iPhone.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 10.23.30 AM

It’s impossible to consume and navigate the content. And the lack of Flash is even more obvious when you see it on an iPad.

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They are creating all this awesome content, and driving all this traffic via their gigantic social following – but how will people on mobile enjoy it? Especially as mobile adoption in 2013 is steadily rising, Converse might be suffering lower mobile engagement rates as a result of this, and that can be painful for the brand and consumer.

Pressly to the rescue

Which is why we decided to give back to this brand that’s been such a big part of our lives, by whipping together an immersive mobile content marketing experience for them, in just a few minutes of set up.

For this experiment, we decided to combine a few sources from across their social presence, from their Blog, to multinational Pinterest accounts, to their rock-focused Youtube music channel. This way, when a reader pops into the Converse mobile site, they not only get an optimized mobile experience  – they get an entirely different, richer content package. Which is something more in line with what mobile users want, according to trends and behaviors in tablet and smartphone reading.

If this was actually built by Converse, using Pressly, they could easily  re-direct all their smartphone and tablet traffic to this immersive mobile content package. So, someone would just got to from their iPhone, for example, and automatically get delivered this awesome new experience.

And,  if it was Converse building this (and not some vigilante blogger like us) they would be able to include full feeds of their content as well as create their own custom Call to Actions.  In between articles they could include a sign up form, or even a custom HTML5 widget for designing your own Chuck Taylors – something they’ve already built on their blog.

Mobile magic in minutes

Still, in just a few minutes of working with whatever feeds we could find online, Pressly made swiping through their articles, watching their videos, and opening photos a breeze on tablets and smartphones.  This magazine-like mobile reading experience is the exact kind of thing brand marketers should be giving to their growing mobile audience, in order to boost engagement and mobile retention.

But don’t just take our word for it. To see the Converse mobile makeover in action, take out your mobile device and go to this link:


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Have a suggestion for a brand in need of a mobile makeover? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us #mobilemakeover

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