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How long does it take to build a mobile content marketing app?

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 18 months

Content marketing expert Joe Chernov released a useful infographic in January, revealing just how long it takes to create a mobile app.

The post was fittingly called: “How long does it take to build a mobile app?” And the answer was 18 weeks. In that same amount of time, you could send 40 Apollo 11’s to the moon or drill three 3,000 foot oil wells. In other words: it takes a while.

Joe produced the piece and works for Kinvey, a company that provides services for mobile app development, with a focus on enterprise and agency app development. This is a crucial detail because, although he is a content marketer, he wasn’t talking about content marketing apps. He was talking about heavy utility apps, apps that do things like connect your sales force to their CRM when on the road, or a tool for sharing families and friends’ schedules.

Update: Joe got back to us on Twitter to clarify that the data from the Kinvey study was reflective of consumer, “store ready apps,” and not for beefier enterprise apps. He had no data on how long those take.

He wasn’t really talking about an app that he would use, lets say, for distributing, and improving the success of  his content marketing.

So, then, the question is: How long does it take to build a mobile content marketing  app?

Content marketers know mobile audiences are growing fast,  and they know they need a better way to boost mobile conversion. But will they need a social-CRM-Facebook-meets-Hulu app to do it?

Probably not.

Marketers know all they need to get out there and get some leads from their content marketing is one simple thing: get your content read. And if you are lucky, make sure the experience was memorable and engaging.

So how long does it take to build an app to do that?

18 weeks or 18 minutes: your choice

You can spend 18 weeks of development time to build a native content marketing app. But aside from being expensive and slow to do it, when you put it in an App Store, you will be cutting off all your SEO, social traffic and sharing power. Everyone hates being forced to download an app when all they want to do is read your articles.  In short, doing that is not a good idea if your primary goal is to get your content read.

Or, and excuse the self promotion, but you could use a service like Pressly, and get your mobile content marketing app done in 18 minutes… or less.

And even better: you’ll bring all your existing editorial and social content together in one beautiful mobile package, and instead of locking it up in an app store, you’ll get yourself a web app. And that means users can see it, and read your content, in the time it takes to load a web page. In other words: fast.

Want proof? Head over to and try it out yourself, for free. We guarantee you it won’t take 18 weeks.



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