Pressly Picks: Subcompact Publishing isn’t just for magazines.

Back towards the end of 2012, Craig Mod published a manifesto on the need to move away from traditional notions of the digital magazine:

“I propose Subcompact Publishing tools and editorial ethos begin (but not end) with the following qualities:

• Small issue sizes (3-7 articles / issue)

• Small file sizes • Digital-aware subscription prices

• Fluid publishing schedule

• Scroll (don’t paginate)

• Clear navigation • HTML(ish) based

• Touching the open web”
These ideas strike me as essential truths for almost any digital content strategy. Mod is encouraging restraint in how we use the powerful platforms we have for content development and distribution.  Suggesting, for example, that too much innovation in user experience can lead to confusion and decreased engagement.
As marketers become story tellers, they are reaching out to their audiences on diverse platforms.  Adopting lightweight, agile approaches and business models seem to make sense for them too.
 >> Read the rest of Craig Mod’s article here

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