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When Marshall McLuhan first argued “the medium is the message,” Apple Computer was 50 years away from releasing the iPad.

But the idea is just as relevant today for smartphones and tablets, as it was for black-and-white TVs and lightbulbs. The world of content is taking on new forms, and with those changes come new ideas – new ways of doing business and communicating. New ways to get that click (it’s called a tap now), or make the sale. New ways to inspire someone.

It’s not enough to just be on the device – you need to build for the medium. And that’s what we are all about.

With this blog, we hope to provide a guided tour of this changing world of content. We have a whole team dedicated day-in and day-out to thinking about this stuff, designing for it, building for it, eating, sweating and dreaming about it. We figure our thoughts will be more useful for you out here in the open. Whether you are a publisher, a content marketer, or maybe just curious, this blog is for you.

So, who the hell are we?

Well, briefly put, we are a group of people passionate about making it easy for publishers and marketers to succeed in mobile. It’s not enough to just be on the next big thing – we believe there are certain principles and approaches to succeeding, and we’ve hard-coded those ideas into our product. That’s what we will be covering here on this blog.

We started Pressly soon after Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPad. We saw that shiny gizmo and we thought the same thing a lot of people thought at the time: “Woah. The whole game is changing.”

And then we thought: “We want to be a part of that!”

Since then we’ve spent most our time working on a platform specifically for content creators to get on mobile, in a smart, powerful and effective way.

Working with some of the world’s biggest publishers (such as The Economist, and The Toronto Star), we made some crucial decisions along the way, like going all in on HTML5, and evolving our thoughts about native apps and the role they play for content distribution. We’ve also been busy building what we think to be powerful tools and frameworks for creating some of the world’s most compelling reading experiences, for any device.

We’ll be fleshing these ideas out – and more – in the days to come, right here on this blog.

We like the idea of starting a conversation about these topics – there seems to be a lot of information about mobile, and a lot of information about publishing, and content marketing – but none of it seemed to hit the nail on the head. So we hope to fill a gap.  We’ll give you best practices, news and advice for mobile content marketing and publishing – and we hope you’ll let us know your thoughts along the way.

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