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@DanielPink at the #MME15 When 7000 people were surveyed on the first word that comes to mind when they think of “sales” or “selling”: - Slimy - Difficult - Dishonest - Annoying - Painful - Swarmy - Challenging - Necessary - Ick - Fake - Pushy - Tough - Sleazy - Ugh - Boring - Uncomfortable - Aggressive - Hard - Manipulative - Cheesy - Scary - Important - Essential - Fun - Yuck   Buffer
In one sentence, content curation can be described as the act of discovering, collecting, and presenting relevant content around a specific subject or area of interest. And it happens all around us: retweets, Pinterest boards, Amazon Lists, and even the collection of movies Netflix recommends to us — these are all examples of content curation. [...]
Planning for original content takes much more than just an outline. In order to get the most out of your content, you need to approach it with every piece of the puzzle figured out. Things like KPIs, Call-to-Actions, distribution channels, and headline ideas should be clearly laid out and planned for. Not only will this make the [...]
Much like how a department store carefully organizes and displays their goods to guide the shoppers along an ideal route, content marketing does the same for every stage of the sales funnel. Think about it in terms of educating your potential customers: in the beginning when they are showing initial interest in your service or [...]
Content marketing comes with a lot of questions: What will engage my audience? Where do I distribute my content? In what format? And how frequently? The good news is, the answers are all right in front of you: your audience. Content marketing requires a deeper understanding of your audience that goes beyond simple demographics. A [...]

Stay Calm and Track the Right Metrics

By now, it should be pretty obvious: content marketing requires far more than just publishing a blog post and seeing if it works. Tracking and analyzing how your content performs is a critical part of ensuring the success of your strategy. You need to dig deep into the numbers and learn as much as you [...]
Having done it an umpteenth number of times, we know that describing how content marketing works can sound vague and hazy. Because unlike traditional ads where the mechanism is simple and instant, content marketing involves many sub-steps, routes, and methods executed at a much longer time span. It may not be a click-and-convert operation but [...]

Join our awesome team!

Social Media Manager / Content Coach Toronto, ON -    We’re looking for a talented social media manager to handle our online presence on social networks. On top of spending too many hours on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, the ideal candidate will help our customer success team to… make our customers successful. If you know [...]
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